Carpet Museum of Tehran

Iran Gids: Carpet Museum is also located beside Laleh Park in Tehran, and was founded in 1976, the Carpet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian carpets from all over Iran, dating from the 18th century to the present.

The museum’s exhibition hall occupies 3,400 square meters (10,200 ft²) and its library contains 7,000 books.
The perforated structure around the museum’s exterior is designed both to resemble a carpet loom and to cast shade on the exterior walls, reducing the impact of the hot summer sun on the interior temperature.
It is mentioned on the website of the museum: “The Carpet Museum of Iran, with its beautiful architecture and facade resembling a carpet-weaving loom, is located on the northwest of Laleh Park in Tehran. It is composed of two exhibition galleries covering an area of 3400 m2.The ground floor gallery is assigned for permanent exhibitions and the upper floor gallery is considered for the temporary exhibitions of carpets, kilims, and carpet designs.”

Each carpet has a piece of printer paper alongside it giving just the bare facts about it (region, weaver, materials, and date). There is no explanatory or interpretative signage to help one appreciate the influences, styles, or techniques.


A very nice museum with unique carpets!! Very good to understand how the carpets are done and the lifestyle of the families that works on doing it!! a good shop at the entrance.

A visit here is one way to understand some of the cultures of Persia through the fabulous designs of city and nomad carpets that are hundreds of years old
This museum showcases some very old carpets and various carpet designs. It could have had more information on the carpets and a broader selection, it is still worth the visit if you are interested in carpets/rugs of Iran. We only saw the permanent exhibition.

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