Azadi Tower Museum

Iran Gids: Azadi (Freedom) Tower Museum, is an exposition of arts, national heritage, and cultural handicraft. میدان-آزادی-تهران-8The museum is actually located inside Azadi Tower. It contains different themas and various artifacts.
The entrance to facilities inside the tower is located directly underneath the main vault which leads into the Azadi museum on the basement floor.
The museum also provides a unique expo of precious stones which is called unique by some sources. The collection contains 140 different stones such as Amber, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and semi-precious stones like turquoise and, onyx, Picture Jasbr, etc.
Since the museum is located inside a must- see the tower of Tehran (which is also called as symbol and monument of the city), and the fact that Azadi square is also a nice place to visit while in Tehran, We recommend you not to miss it. The Tower is easy to reach from all directions. It is easy to get there with Tehran metro and there are buses and taxis heading towards Azadi square.
Take Metro line 4 (light blue) to Meydan-e Azadi (don’t confuse it with the other Azadi station).
Other than stones, there are artifacts and handmade artistic work on the exhibition which belong to different dynasties ruling Iran before and after Islam. A part is dedicated to anthropology which contains different symbols of Iranian provinces.
The pianist robot is also to be seen inside the tower.
Opening days: The museum is open everyday except Saturday`s
Opening hours: 9 am-17 pm
Reviews from visitors:
Azadi tower in Azadi square is one of the largest and oldest squares in Tehran city. A nice place to walk and Enjoying
In my opinion, Azadi Tower is the first choice to visit in Tehran.
It is the symbol of Tehran and one of the first constructions of modern architectures in Iran.
You have to see the inside of the tower if you want to really know why the tower is famous.
There are many amazing and astonishing features inside and outside the building, there are also some people to guide you and explain the features for you.

Take your time and walk around looking for the best picture, great tower. Beware the traffic when crossing the street!

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