Tehran Wildlife Museum

Iran Gids:  Tehran Wildlife Museum is located in Darabad (Niavaran) in the north of Tehran, this 2 story building is house for different stuffed (taxidermy) animals, such as birds, reptiles, mammals and… It is a rich Natural History museums which

was inaugurated in 1993. 

The animals which are shown in this museum are mainly considered native animals of Iranian plateau (the great Iran). the museum covers 12000 square meters and includes several rooms for each part.

Prehistoric findings of (plant and animal) life in Iran are also collected and shown in this museum.
A unique asset here is the skin of a Caspian Tiger which is, unfortunately, extinct animal. The other valuable objects include the Iranian (Asian) panther and Persian Onager also called the Persian zebra.
The museum facilities include a library, Taxidermy workspace, and a pet clinic. It is also good to remind that the sculpture of a Dinosaur at the entrance of the museum, is a rebuild of Camptosaurus which its remains were found in Kerman Province, southeast of Iran indicating that the beast lived 65 million years ago in Iran.
Opening hours:
Every day except Saturdays and national holidays
8-12.00 1330- 18.00
(Due to renovation possibilities, always check with local friends)
Address: Niavaran Square – Darabad Street – Darabad Museum, Tehran.


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